Wealth Management/ Financial Management/Resources Management

Very  Important aspect of life is wealth management  or the milder term – resources management  in any body’s life.  It mostly remains unattended due to ignorance of this vital area in any body’s life.  Wealth management/ resources management is in fact if looked deeply, becomes more important than the physical and mental well being of a person because physical and mental well being are important during life time of a person whereas the wealth management/ resources management i.e. financial well being goes even beyond life.

Take an example even of a very common man who comes into life, grows up with great struggle of whatever sort he/she/it gets into and accumulates wealth/ resources for his present and future needs and desires.  These hard earned wealth/ resources required to be managed well so that these are made use of according to the wishes of the creator of these wealth and resources.  This requires intervention of experts and professionals for advice and guidance even if they have cost attached to that but it will amount a pittance in relation to the wealth/ resources.  The creator of this wealth/ resources is so engrossed in creation and accumulation that neither he/she/it has expertise to dealt with this neither he/she/it finds time to attend to this most important aspect which has importance not only during life time but even beyond life and not only beyond life but even beyond his/her/its life and lives of the generations/ descendent(s) to come and take over his/her/its legacy.

So physical and mental and  financial well beings are important during life time whereas the financial well being goes beyond and becomes most important than even physical and mental well being as it will more deeply affect the physical, mental and financial well beings of the generations/ descendant(s) to come after one’s life.

so buckle up and work on this first even prior to your physical and mental well being. Financial well being will take care of your physical and mental well being as well as the physical and mental well being of your future generations/ descendant(s).